February 4, 2010

Network Security


Got Stress?

It is a sad truth that computer viruses and malicious code can wreak havoc on your IT system, costing you money, time, and valuable data. It is imperative as a business owner that your protect your network from Internet threats.

Anti-virus software can cost thousands of dollars to license and install. And its success at protecting your network depends on the software actually being used on a regular basis. C3Networx’s comprehensive solution to protect your company’s entire network will provide you with both the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Our anti-virus solutions will block a tremendous range of threats to your security. And our anti-virus technologies are constantly updated to guard your systems against 99.9% the latest malicious code. For our maintenance clients, all our monitoring is 24-7.

Call us today and let us remove the threats, mitigate the vulnerabilities and relieve the stress – guaranteed. 858-633-1126.