May 9, 2016

Email Security

Advanced Email Protection

Do you value your time? If so, have you thought about how important email security is?

If you haven’t, here’s why it’s so critical to:

Approximately of all emails, globally, are spam.

Consider that for a moment: This means that the majority of your email server’s workload is working to handle messages you probably have no or very little interest in ever seeing. Even if spam gets sent to a junk folder, this is still eating up valuable storage and processing power.

As annoying and bad as SPAM emails can be, compare this type of junk email to damage that’s even scarier: a computer VIRUS lurking in someone’s inbox. Virus attacks are not a once-in-the-blue moon occurrence. They typically arrive via email DAILY. They can quickly become extremely expensive for a business in terms of lost productivity, interrupted service, and damaged systems.

Beyond that, SPAM that comes across as offensive could generate employee complaints and, in some cases, even legal actions against your business.

Here’s the best way to neutralize all of these threats: Keep them from ever reaching your email server at all. This is exactly what Fortress Networx Advanced Email Protection Service has done for so many clients – and is at the ready to do for you.

Smart Protection Begins on the Periphery

Fortress Networx offers Advanced Email Security with a specific mission in mind: To protect email systems from SPAM, VIRUSES and other kinds of attacks that are email-borne — protection that happens well BEFORE they reach your network.

Here at Fortress Networx, we extend our advanced email security protection to a greater sphere than simply your server — but address the Internet itself. This is highly unique compared to how most approach guarding your firewall, server or desktop.

What Fortress Networx Advanced SPAM & Email Security Offers

User Administration – With easy user administration, all users can login and configure/edit whitelist and blacklists as needed. They will also have the ability to look through the past 2 weeks (14 days) of spam archives.

Disaster Content Holding & Spooling
Our team at Fortress Networx offers this add on protection for your message traffic; it’s got your back if an email servers goes down. Here’s how. Rather than incoming emails getting bounced back to the original sender, emails will be stored for up to 7 days and delivered safely to your inbox once the server is back up.

Fortress Networx is proud to present Advanced Email Services that enable your company to:

  • Fight phishing
  • Quarantine any email-based viruses
  • Prevent denial of service attacks
  • Combat directory harvest attacks