May 9, 2016

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery


At Fortress Networx, we provide a comprehensive set of Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions to empower your business’ servers.

Our affordable disaster recovery services, which we put in place to ensure safety and backups for your company, includes critical benefits, such as:

Key Benefits

  • Lightning fast standby recovery-server that utilizes (VM) Virtualization Technology
  • Flexible options for recovery, such as Exchange email boxes
  • Storage (offsite, encrypted, & compressed) that makes sure that data security and regulatory compliance is kept to highest standard
  • 24/7, 365 days a year, of basic monitoring for server health. This is to make sure there are continually proper backups.
  • Restoration of servers that are down – faster than ever
  • Recovery that is Microsoft SQL 2000 and 2003 compatible

Why Our Experts Believe NAS Technology IS the Difference

Fortress Networx Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions are particularly unique and effective because of our Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. With the incredible virtualization ability, NAS can become your devoted, standby server – in less than a day. Typically it only takes an hour. This unique appliance is also a fantastic substitute for tape restores, that can be prone to errors and are more engineer-intensive.

Data Backups in Nearly Real Time – The speed of backups is incredible. With “Incremental Forever” technology, data is backed up and even lets you reconstruct the data within 15 minute restoration points.

A Virtual Server That’s Onsite – With the Fortress Networx’ use of server virtualization technology, it enables the servers and applications at your business to be restored and rebooted on the NAS device, at the very same time the server is undergoing repair.

Intuitive, Adaptable Restoration – The system of incrementally-based backups allows for better recovery. This may come in the form of multiple versions of a file, folder, message or mailboxes.

A Complete Image – The NAS device generates and warehouses an image of all hard drive partitions and data.

Secure, Remote Storage – Another reason our team utilizes the NAS device is because it creates an independent 256-bit encrypted tunnel; this transmits data to two secure offsite data-centers. They are beyond the local area, as an added safety precaution.

Affordable Cost
Fortress Networx is proud to offer an all-inclusive, premium disaster recovery package. This bundle includes the critical components we feel maximize backup and recovery:

  • The NAS
  • Incremental Forever Methodology
  • File integrity checks
  • Secure data transmission
  • Remote storage, including two off site, non-local data centers

Best of All: Sleep Better & Sounder

Thinking of all the things that could go wrong with cyber security and backups is stressful; it can lead to lost sleep at night. By signing up with a Backup and Disaster Recovery plan with Fortress Networx, it saves stress and lost sleep.

To get started, or find out more information, contact us here.