March 23, 2010

Network Security

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Network Security

Are you looking for an IT company to support your unique business needs?
Can you really afford your server or computers to be down for even an hour?
Can you put a price on your company’s data?

Whether downtime is due to electrical issues β€”for instance, black outs or brown out and no UPS or, breach in SECURITY – downtime has BIG-TIME consequences and costs to small business!

Network security is no longer a “nice-to-have” it’s a MUST. Particularly, in networks connected to the wide area network (WAN) and / or Internet. Every year thousands of small businesses are severely impacted by malicious network and computer attacks, and most of these small businesses are unsuspecting of the threat.

While an individual hacker may be less likely to dedicate his /her time to targeting small businesses, the threat usually comes from automated attempts and from other compromised machines on the network. Viruses spread. And, an infected machine is designed to distribute its malicious code to as many computers as it can.

Enter C3 Networx. We’re in the business of protecting your company’s data from this ongoing threat to your company’s livlihood! C3 Networx engineers are experienced and familiar with how to handle the toughest, virus and spyware issues. BTW: A friendly word of caution, an inexperienced, low-cost technician could actually do more harm then good and ultimately cost your far more.

Rest assured, our seasoned engineers leverage our technology partnerships and best-practices to protect your network and computer. To optimize your systems and make sure they remain virus free.

To find out more about our cost effective solutions and how we can take the hassle out of slow computers and networks give us a call for a no-cost needs assessment. Please fill out our contact form below.

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  • “Electrical interruptions will cost U.S. companies some $80 billion this year (2000).”
  • “Server downtime costs $108,000 a minute in lost brokerage operations.”
  • “Server downtime costs $43,000 a minute in lost credit card operations.”
  • “Server downtime costs $1,500 a minute in lost airline reservation operations.”
  • “Server downtime costs $1,200 a minute in lost telephone ticket sales operations.”
  • “Half of U.S. corporations rate their internet downtime costs at more than $1,000 per hour.”
  • “9% of U.S. corporations rate internet downtime costs at over $50,000 per hour.”
  • (source and graphic

C3 Networx_costs_of_Downtime