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The “Client-Server” e-News 

Q4 – 2011  



Just a friendly reminder to our new clients and old, your first course of action when faced with any computer dilemma should be to call our Helpdesk directly at: 858-633-1132.  

A quick call to our helpdesk hotline is the quickest path to response and resolution since 9 out of 10x our technicians are able to solve your requests remotely via our expert remote control tools. 


Welcome to the Client Portal: 

Some clients, as a matter of internal policy (check with your technical point of contact first) are instructed to first visit our client services web portal. This portal is designed to allow our clients the benefit to add non-urgent service requests here. This portal allows you to not only enter your requests but monitor their progress. Our engineers receive notification when the service tickets are entered and this portal allows you to add all the necessary details for your technical request: Who, What, Why, and When.  


If you are authorized (see your internal POC representative) and know your log-in credentials; username and password, you can gain quick access to our client service portal by visiting our website and in the upper right-hand corner we have a link to “LOGIN TO CLIENT PORTAL“.    


Both of these procedures help to ensure your tickets do not fall through the cracks and our engineers are aware to the severity of your issue and desired timeframe for completion. For more information ask your C3 Networx account representative or inquire about a demo. 

Thanks! And, remember, when you think BUSINESS IT, (Servers, Workstations, VoIP, Web and Cloud) – Think C3.  

Connect · Communicate · Collaborate

Thank YOU!
~Team C3 Networx  

California Business Alert! AB459, New state legislation effecting employee and contractor status!

For the past four years or so, I’ve been invited to help represent our district’s local, small businesses by participating in the California Small Business Advisory Council meetings. Our most recent meeting was on October 25, 2011, and I met with Toni Atkins and about seven other small businesses owners at her office.

While the intention of the meeting is for us to share our most pressing small business concerns as owners and how the state might play a part in alleviating these challenges, the meeting took an interesting turn as Toni updated us on some new legislation taking effect January 1, 2012 that will likely dramatically impact those companies relying on contractors.  


Toni shared with us all some new legislation related to workers who are classified as “contractors”. Turns out, in an effort to increase state tax revenue and at the same time, they claim, to protect workers, AB549 has been approved by the state assembly. This bill effectively increases the penalties for “willful misclasification” of employees as independent contractors. These penalties can range from $5,000 to $25,000 per incident. The good news is I’m certainly more aware of it then I would have been not attending. The bad news is that it seems the state continues to throw one restriction (with harsh penalties) after another at small business owners. There were several business owners in the group who suggested this could put them out of business! Being that the legislation was already passed and (at least for now) is water under the bridge so to speak, all I could reiterate to Toni is it’d be nice if we were given more INCENTIVES vs. restrictions. We’ll see how it shapes up from here but you can learn more about this new legislation from the below links. Hope that helps!


Additional Resources:

· Bill Summary by Law Firm

· CA.Gov site

· Toni Atkins website



Option 1: The quickest Client Satisfaction Survey ever

(1 Question)

NOW It’s Time to Connect your Business to Google.

Think about it: Google has essentially built nearly 50,000,000 web pages or “places,” yet fewer than 7% of businesses are using them.

If your business or a friend’s business is looking to generate additional foot traffic, send them our way… for a no obligation review we can see how we might double, triple or quadruple their business.


We help store front businesses:

· Optimize for mobile clients (see QR code lower right)

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· Gain a huge advantage over the competition


To learn more about mobile and places marketing connecting you to Google email us [email protected]


Option 2: A More Comprehensive Client Satisfaction Survey 

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Archive Time! Have you set aside your company’s 2011 Data?

An essential year-end, best-practice it to rotate out of your backup (completely out of the rotation) your last good backup tape. We recommend you take your last good backup off-site, for safe keeping.

If you have any questions about this process or would like assistance please do not hesitate to contact your C3 Networx engineer. Again, we highly recommend you place your tape offsite or in a safety deposit box. C3 Networx can also hold the tape for you at our office.

Besides providing an alternative to restore your company data (as of the last good backup date), an archive allows your company the ability to restore any files that might be overwritten or the ability to access time sensitive information related to any employee or legal matter. We like to say, “You can’t have too many good backups!”. The cost of additional tapes ranges anywhere from $30 to $100 but that tends to be a small price to pay when it comes to preserving your companies priceless data.



“Winning is not everything- but making the effort
to win is.”

~ Vincent Lombardi

“There is no security in life, only opportunity.”
~ Douglas MacArthur    

Win iPad 2!
Client Referral Drawing

Yet another great way for us to give thanks for your continued support & REFERRALS.
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Each qualified and registered new client prospect, Company, Contact, email account, and Phone sent to [email protected] earns 1 ENTRY in iPad Drawing to be held on 1/31/2012!!
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Your chances to win are based upon the number of qualified leads. Your chances to win may be extremely good particularly with multiple qualified prospect/referrals.

Qualified prospect criteria:
· Must have at least One Server and 7 employees/workstations.
· Must be actively seeking new IT support services company.
Is agreeable to No-Cost network needs analysis.
(performed within contest period)
· Participation eligibility is open to all active C3 Networx client businesses and their respective employees.

For questions about the rules or program guidelines regarding qualified leads, please email [email protected]


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