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The “Client-Server” e-News 

Q2 – 2011
Thinking CLOUD? Think C3!
Now offering hosted
Microsoft Exchange 

Seems you can hardly go a day without hearing the word “cloud” as it relates to I.T. “Everything is going to the cloud”. What does it all mean and is it right for your business?

Key Considerations
Before we address some key considerations, it’s important to realize the “Cloud” has been around for years and, like an awkward teen, has finally morphed into a semi-mature, trustworthy and capable adult. Cloud computing simply means your software and/or or data is accessed and stored in a secure and remote location possibly thousands of miles away from your business (perhaps even in another country).

Why Would Anyone Think This Is Attractive?
Core Benefits:
· Eliminate hardware/software upgrade cycle. The Cloud Host of any software becomes responsible for maintenance and upgrades of all related hardware and software.
· Redundancy: From bandwidth to backups, uninterruptible power supplies, and even fire suppression — hosted cloud based solutions will spread those typically high infrastructure costs across thousands of users.
· Pay per month and scalability. More employees? You can easily purchase more licenses and scale up. Fewer employees? No problem to scale down.

When you combine those benefits and the fact that no significant capital investment is required, it becomes easier to see the attraction and why so many businesses are starting to move to the cloud.

Timing Is Everything.

Add today’s super-fast and ubiquitous bandwidth (cable, mobile 4G, wireless fiber, etc.,) and the latest web 2.0 tools and capabilities and you have fantastic solutions springing up left and right, from sales and accounting software to simple email clients. NOTE: Just earlier this week Microsoft unveiled its Office 365 Product. (competing directly with Google Apps). BTW: you know when Microsoft enters the market it’s a) more often than not late and b) the marketplace is mature.

So, the best part is while many of these services/solutions weren’t so great only one or two years ago, today they are very feasible and in many cases make for a smart investment and business strategy NOW!

Is It Right for You?

The time is right (at least for consideration) anytime you are weighing the costs, (capital expense and labor) to replace an aged server — nearly any aged server, that is.


Almost all cloud-based solutions are priced per seat/per month. And C3’s Exchange offering varies from approx $9 to $12 + per seat/per month. There are a host of variables that would go into any finalized estimate. For an accurate Exchange hosted solution please email us at [email protected]  

In need of other C3 Cloud services? Be sure to ask about the following:

C3/Google Enterprise


C3 Online Backup

C3 Hosted Exchange

C3/H2O Teleworker Solution.  


When you think IT and the Cloud – be sure to think C3.

~Team C3 Networx  

NOW It’s Time to Connect your Business to Google.

Think about it: Google has essentially built nearly 50,000,000 web pages or “places,” yet fewer than 7% of businesses are using them.


If your business or a friend’s business is looking to generate additional foot traffic, send them our way… for a no obligation review we can see how we might double, triple or quadruple their business.


We help store front businesses:

· Optimize for mobile clients (see QR code lower right) 

· Optimize for Google

· Gain a huge advantage over the competition


To learn more about mobile and places marketing connecting you to Google email us [email protected]

Discover why Google corporate email is right for your company!

As a business owner interested in reducing operating costs,
we think this video will prove very valuable.



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Call C3 Networx today to discuss this solution in
detail and see if it is a fit for your company.
Or, email with the SUBJECT Title “GOOGLE APPS”.


“Do not wait to start till the iron is hot; make it hot by striking.”~ William Butler Yeats

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and
I will spend the first
four sharpening the axe”
~ Abraham Lincoln  

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Yet another great way for us to give thanks for your continued support & REFERRALS.
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Qualified prospect criteria:
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Is agreeable to No-Cost network needs analysis.
(performed within contest period)
· Participation eligibility is open to all active C3 Networx client businesses and their respective employees.

For questions about the rules or program guidelines regarding qualified leads, please email [email protected]

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Our instructors can come to your office or other location, helping to keep costs low.

Chances are your organization has spent thousands on office software to be more efficient. The only problem: Many of the features and capabilities go untapped, leaving workers inefficient, ineffective and often frustrated. Frustration is no fun! Consider what just one hour of Microsoft Office Productivity Training could do for your company’s bottom line!!! C3 can tailor training for your group of 6 or more.

Never forget Ben Franklin’s famous admonition, “An investment in knowledge pays the greatest interest.

Think how effective your workplace would be with some fundamental Microsoft Outlook training, for instance:

  • Tricks to modify views
  • Optimize mail box size
  • Speed up email performance through proper archiving
  • Clean Junk email and Deleted Items
  • Formatting and editing tricks
  • And a whole lot more!

The best part is C3 custom-tailors its trainings to your desired objectives for Excel, Word, Outlook or any other programs. E-mail us for details today! Title subject of email “TRAINING”

The Guarantee!
If the training doesn’t meet your total satisfaction, we’ll ensure it does or you don’t pay.

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Client Feature:  MetalMaster, Inc.

C3 Networx is a proud solution provider to Metal Master, Inc.

More about Metal Master, Inc.

Your solution to all of your metalworking needs. From prototype to production, our mechanical engineers can provide reverse engineering, blueprints and cost saving solutions.


Our precision metalworking job shop completes the needed processes using master machinists, journeyman mechanics and certified welders.


For over 20 years, MetalMaster, Inc. has provided high quality metalworking for the following industries:

  • Military
  • Nuclear
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic
  • Computer
  • Medical
  • Automotive

For more information about Metal Master, Inc., call toll free: 866.915.4815



THANK YOU we take great pride in serving you/your company and appreciate it when you think of C3 Networx first for all your business and personal IT needs.

When you think IT – think C3!


TEAM C3 Networx
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