The “Client-Server” eNewsletter, Vol. 16, Issue 6

The “Client-Server”eLetter November – December 2010 Smartphones, apps explode! Nearly 500,000 smartphones are being activated every day. The precedent has been set by larger corporations vying to serve the customer in this mobile space. If you’re thinking, “That’s great, but we are not a large corporation,” you may be missing the point. This is an Read more about The “Client-Server” eNewsletter, Vol. 16, Issue 6[…]

The “Client-Server” eNewsletter, Vol. 16, Issue 5

The “Client-Server”eLetter September-October INTERNET SECURITY & USE POLICY! Perhaps your best IT investment Today, more than ever, companies are struggling not only with Internet security, but perhaps more importantly with web content filtering and usage policies. While the Internet serves as a host to seemingly endless useful resources it also proves to be a dangerous Read more about The “Client-Server” eNewsletter, Vol. 16, Issue 5[…]

Newsletter Vol. 16, Issue 1

The “Client-Server”eLetter January 2009 Positive Relationships: The Hallmark of Companies that Endure. “The human relationship is the true currency.” ~Christina Harbridge I recently spent a fascinating evening listening to Chip Conley speak to a group of entrepreneurs (see book recommendation below right), and he shared his personal experience building perhaps the most successful boutique hotelier, Read more about Newsletter Vol. 16, Issue 1[…]