March 29, 2010

Advanced Email Protection

Don’t think email security is important? How much do you value your time?

It’s estimated that more than 90{b82edb66f598690d38260524851cf63a29db8604aa0645b3aa347c0f83e7e764} of email traveling the internet is spam.

That means almost all of your email server’s workload is devoted to handling messages you have little interest in receiving. Think about that! Even when spam is directed to a junk mail folder, it still takes up storage and wastes a lot of your processor power.

However, as bad as SPAM is, junk emails are relatively gentle compared to the damage that can be caused by a computer VIRUS lurking in someone’s inbox. Virus attacks arrive via email DAILY and can end up being extremely expensive to your company in terms of lost productivity, interrupted services, and damaged systems.

Additionally, SPAM which might by offensive could lead to employee complaints and possibly even legal actions against your company. The best way to neutralize all these threats is to keep them from ever reaching your email server. And that’s exactly what C3 Networx Advanced Email Protection Service will do for you.

Smart Protection Starts on the Periphery

C3 Networx Advanced Email Security service protects your email system from SPAM, VIRUSES, and other email-borne attacks — well BEFORE they reach your network.

Unlike the many solutions that guard you at your firewall, server or desktop, C3 Networx extends its advanced email security protection well beyond your server — at the Internet.

C3 Networx Advanced SPAM / Email Security provides:

User Administration – Each user will be able to log in when necessary and configure or edit whitelists and blacklists. Users will also be able to search through the spam archive up to 14 days past.

Disaster Content holding and spooling service:

This optional add-on protects your message traffic in the event your email server goes down. If your email server were to go down, instead of incoming emails being bounced back to the sender, they would be saved for up to 7 days. Once your email server is back up, the messages are delivered safely to your in-boxes.

C3 Networx Advanced Email Services enables your business the ability to:

  • Combat phishing
  • Quarantine email-based viruses
  • Halt denial of service attacks
  • Prevent directory harvest attacks