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The “Client-Server”eLetter January 2009

Positive Relationships:
The Hallmark of Companies that Endure.

“The human relationship is the true currency.”
~Christina Harbridge

I recently spent a fascinating evening listening to Chip Conley speak to a group of entrepreneurs (see book recommendation below right), and he shared his personal experience building perhaps the most successful boutique hotelier, “joie de vivre” in the country. He relayed some theories about what distinguishes QUALITY companies from their competition. More importantly he emphasized one very unique characteristic that helps some companies endure during periods of radical change and outright threats to their livelihood. One example he used was 9/11 which crippled the hospitality industry.

The first takeaway from Chip’s talk is that there are two types of companies: those that are transaction -based and those that are relationship-based.

Transactional companies view each transaction more or less without great consideration to the relationship. This viewpoint relegates the client to essentially commodity- based shopping. However, Chip suggests the companies that are relationship-based recognize the human nature behind each transaction and have a long-term perspective.

Relationship-based companies recognize the path to “winning” isn’t with both eyes focused on a short-term singluar transaction approach, but value the relationship itself far more than any one transaction.

His other important theory is that all companies parallel the very same basic needs as that of the humans who run them. When MEANING and self-actualization become the paramount objectives, profits and happiness are the result! He bases these needs around Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs and believes the path to greatness for companies ultimately comes to the company that transcends “success” to become even more – what he labels the “transformation” level. The ‘levels’ each company must go through to reach this “PEAK” are first; survival, then success.

Companies that represent this “transformation” level include Southwest, Apple, Whole Foods and Patagonia, to name a few.

So, while we haven’t knowingly applied the “Maslow” perspective at C3 Networx, I can say that after 15 years of doing business, we’ve certainly paralleled these viewpoints. Time and again we’ve chosen the long-view to work with our clients, employees and vendors focusing first on the relationship. And, while I wouldn’t suggest we’ve become a “transformation” level company, I do believe that it’s been our constant focus on relationships with all parties – partners, employees, vendors and clients – that has helped us to navigate through a very challenging economy and positions us well for the future.

Finally, please know, we’re very grateful to call you a client of ours. We respect and value our relationship and honor it the best way we can: To daily provide IT services that go beyond your typical business needs and desires, and to try our best to recognize and even meet those IT needs you’ve yet to identify.


Martin Grunburg
[email protected]


“Every great business is built on friendship.”
~ JC Penny

“There’s a place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers–after the sale.”

~ Harvey MacKay

Thank you! We really appreciate your continued referrals – no greater compliment!

Remember, business REFERRALS earn your company $CASH$

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Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow (J-B US non-Franchise Leadership)

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The easiest survey possible (1 Question)

Apple introduces iPad, it’s official!

apple ipad

Welcome to the iPad!

While this product is sure to be a hit in the personal/entertainment marketplace, many business owners are wondering, if this device can be useful for their business. I think the short answer, at the moment is, “NO”. However, having said that, it will depend on the specific industry of course, many people in graphic design and photography will no doubt find the iPad very useful for business. It is likely with the Apple Development Toolkit, enterprises will begin building custom solutions for their business that take advantage of the new form-factor.

However, as the product exists today, for employees and business owners who already have a notebook computer and an iPhone they are going to be hard-pressed to want to carry around another device even for some modest added capability.

So, what are the cool features?
1) CONTENT! Yes, in this case content is actaully a feature! Jobs has worked the same magic he did with the record industry’s major labels. He has rallied large publishers; magazines, newspapers and books to get behind the platform. Add this to the ability to run the majority of the 140,000 apps already in iTunes store and you have instant capability and entertianment!
2) Enhanced iPhoto and iTunes capability
3) Built in Touch Keyboard
4) Wifi and 3G
5) it’s LIGHT at 1.5 pounds! (Durability will be a major question early on!)

A few of the missing features or unanswered capabilities?
1) Will the iPad support Videoconferencing?
2) Will you be able to save and transfer documents?
3) Will it support VPN?
4) Will it support expanded storage capability?

The list of questions doesn”t end there – but the biggest question most people are asking is will this product be a hit or a flop? Well, my bet is this will be a phenomenal device for KIDS! Think 5-15 – Think Edutainment! I know we can hardly keep our daughters off their iPod Touch or the iPhone. They read books, watch TV shows, movies and seemingly download every free app available in the store!

Recently, my daughter has downloaded free apps that are teaching her to play the piano and how to write Chinese characters (she’s 9). In its current state, the iPad is just a bigger iPhone /iPod Touch and will undoubtedly be even more appealing to the kids. And, when these devices penetrate the education market it’ll be another home run for Apple.

So when can you/your kids get your hands on one? The 3G model is supposed to be available in April and the Wifi model in late March. Stay tuned.

C3 Networx sends Apple/Mac Specialist
Jason Omo to MacWorld in San Francisco!

2/12/2010 Jason Omo working hard at MacWorld -SF!

Jomo& Woz

Earlier Photo of Jason Omo with Apple Founder Steve Wozniak, when we sent him
on a “Mac Geek Cruise” to thank him for his terrific work with our clients!

“Hi Martin,
You are not going to belive this. I am here in the library studying for the 291 exam. The Wozman walks in and ask me to help him set up his Powerbook connection. I showed him you’re e-mail and he started laughing. Man, the day is getting better… Thanks again. By the way he said Hi. Too bad I forgot my camera….”


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Client Feature:  The Centre for
Orgnaizational Effectiveness

TCFOE logo


THE CENTRE for Organization Effectiveness
is an innovative and exciting “one-stop shop” concept. We offer
management development, organization development, and specialized
training programs to local and state public sector organizations and
agencies, as well as nonprofit and private sector organizations. We
handle everything from consultant selection to material preparation to
logistics to account management.
THE CENTRE’S vision is to raise the caliber of leadership through academies, forums and seminars, facilitation and consulting services.

are located in downtown San Diego where we have our administrative
offices, a large and attractive training facility and several break off
rooms. This site also houses a CENTRE library of books, articles and educational videos available to CENTRE customers.

is a California Joint Powers Authority created by the city of San Diego
and the San Diego Water Authority. We are governed by a five-member Board of Directors.

For more information please visit their website at:

C3 Networx now delivering Google Apps
for the Enterprise!
GoogleApps Logo

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Backup and Disaster Recovery. (C3X-BDR is here!): Why risk the possibility of losing thousands of dollars in business and days of downtime when you could limit that to just a few hours? Get your business operational as quickly as possible in the event of a server failure using the latest in virtual server technology!

Sign-up for the C3X-BDR (backup/disaster-recovery) service today! It’s a unique solution that provides a physical server which supports one
or more virtual servers (able to run in a pinch). This server goes into your server closet and takes ‘snapshots’ of
your essential servers. At night that data is sent via the internet (encrypted
and compressed) to off-site collocation facility.

The C3X-BDR service ranges in cost from $200 – $600 or more per month depending on the
number of servers. This is relatively insignificant compared with the real costs of downtime in the event of a disaster.

For more information ask your C3 Networx engineer or please email us at [email protected], SUBJECT: “Disaster Recovery”.

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THANK YOU we take great pride in serving you and appreciate it when you think of C3 Networx first for all your business and personal IT needs. Sincerely,

Martin Grunburg
& The entire C3 Networx TEAM.
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