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The “Client-Server”eLetter January 2009

Backup to ensure your business moves forward.
“Those who do not archive the past
are condemned to retype it!”
~Garfinkel and Spafford
~ Practical UNIX Security (first edition)

In the very first edition of “The Client-Server” newsletter, back in 1997, we shared a story about the then, first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the impact it had on businesses that lost access to their company data. You may recall, the North Tower was attacked with a car bomb. Among the many lessons within that tragedy was the significance of businesses retaining off-site data backups. A number of companies were unable to access their company data for weeks while the FBI closed off and surveyed the building. Many of the businesses who had no off-site data storage simply could not operate and tragically went out of business. This example really underscores the importance of keeping data off site. In this case, the data was not even damaged – it was simply inaccessible.

The good news is, today’s backup technologies offer countless improvements compared to those of the past. From compression, speed, capacity, devices, tapes, even software. And, improved access to bandwidth the internet as well as server virtualization create solutions for backup and off-site storage solutions that never previously existed!

Chances are you have business insurance. But, do you have data insurance? Remember, you can always buy servers and software – but you won’t be able to purchase your data. And, it’s your data that keeps your company alive.

1) Backup the correct data
2) Test restore
3) Purchase multiple tapes and purchase them often!
4) Archive tapes Annually (min) quarterly (Safety DBox)
5) Offsite -safety deposit box
6) Review the above with your C3 Engineer!
7) If you backup to disk make sure you have an archive policy
8) Automate all backup scripts and practices where possible to minimize human error.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (C3 BDR is here!): For many clients a more, real-time business continuity and disaster recovery solution is the best option. These minimize downtime from days to hours in the event of a catastrophe. However, in the past such solutions cost thousands of dollars a month. Today, thanks to virtual server technology, C3 Networx provides a managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Program (BDR) custom designed to meet your business continuity objectives!

To summarize, we install a physical server with one or more virtual servers in your server closet taking ‘snapshots’ of your data and at night that data is sent via the internet (encrypted and compressed) to offsite collocation facility. There is a monthly fee ranging from approximate $200 – $600 or more a month depending on the number of servers. For more information ask your C3Networx engineer or email me.

Happy Holidays and let’s work together to ensure your valuable business data is protected and archived as we head into 2010!

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btw: new windows 7 users check out this lifehacker article

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We’ve recently heard from a savvy client looking to pre-pay for multiple months of their service agreement now for services in 2010. So, it occurred to us to make others aware of the possibility. Additionally, for many clients facing hardware upgrades in the near future, these capital improvements help to offset any potential tax liabilities and of course help to enhance operational effectiveness. Below is a short list of infrastructure enhancements/IT expenditures.

1) Workstation STEALS!: Dell OptiPlex value system designed for work/office! 2GB RAM, 250GB HD, 16xDVD, Windows XP Pro (Win7 Downgrade*) Keyboard (no monitor). $637! (before tax)

2) Aggressive Server Pricing! If your server is 3 years or old, an upgrade is imminent. Consider having us put together a custom quote.

3) Software & Licensing: Much of today’s software is licensed on an annual basis. Consider renewing now if it makes sense

4) Security & Firewall. Must have for today’s network. Have a C3N engineer recommend any related security/firewall upgrades.

5) Spam: Much like our agreements, consider purchasing coverage for more than the standard quarterly coverage.

6) New VoIP Phone Systems for your business: Save $$$ on recurring toll charges. Take advantage of the latest in VoIP technology including; auto-attendant, remote extension, multiple business support and much more.

For more information regarding any desired upgrades please email us at [email protected]


“The best way to be safe is to never feel secure.”
~ Anonymous

“He that is secure is not safe.”

~ Ben Franklin

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In the spirit of the new year (new goals and habits) wanted to share a very personal favorite iPhone app, The Habit Factor®.

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Client Feature:  Mama’s Kitchen

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Our Mission/Purpose
At Mama’s Kitchen we believe that every person is entitled to the basic necessity of life – nutritious food. As a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization, we prepare and deliver food to men, women and children who are affected by AIDS or cancer.
What They Do
Mama’s Kitchen delivers three nutritional meals a day, seven days a week at no charge to men, women and children living with AIDS or cancer. Additionally, Mama’s Kitchen provides pantry services (Mama’s Pantry) to people affected by AIDS. Through these services, we are able to provide food, compassion and hope to over 1,500 people annually living throughout San Diego County.

In 1990 volunteers from the AIDS Assistance Fund discovered that people with AIDS were dying from complications of malnutrition long before their immune systems were overcome by AIDS-related infections. Many were low-income and too ill, isolated or emotionally devastated to help themselves. Mama’s Kitchen was established as a San Diego nonprofit organization to offer nutritional support by way of a home-delivered meal service.

For more information please visit their website at:

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