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The “Client-Server”eLetter January 2009

Windows 7.0

“There are two mistakes one can make along
the road to truth…
not going all the way and not starting.”
~ Buddha

Seems like only yesterday when Microsoft unveiled Windows 3.1 for the PC. Although, to be more accurate, the year was 1992.

Can anyone forget just how bad Windows 3.1 was? In fact, I was joking the other day that it was Windows 3.1 that launched our IT services business. The user issues were countless. Having said that, you got to hand it to Microsoft as they kept at it – they persisted. They refined their software and always found a way to learn from their mistakes. Those mistakes, they capitalized on (see quote to the right) – to the tune several hundred-billion dollars.

And, even today, Microsoft is coming off one of their most infamous debacles, Vista, (btw: anyone remember Windows Millenium?)

So, today we’re just under two months away from Microsoft unveiling their latest OS, Windows 7. Below are seven great things worth knowing about Windows 7.

#1) Jump Lists:
Provides quick access to favorite documents right from taskbar and provides “pinning” option. No need to launch app first.
#2) Improved Desktop: Ability to make stacked windows transluscent and ability to see thumbnails from taskbar.
#3)  HomeGroup: Sharing two or more computers with resources like music, pictures and printers appears to be FINALLY figured out with Windows 7.
#4) Search: Improved search capability. Very similar to search web with highlight text results. Plus Windows 7 uses indexing to reveal results as you type your search. Search even provide document Preview pane to inspect documents.
#5) Performance: You hear this one with every new release but they’ve optimized sleep / resume settings which run quicker on less RAM and..
#6) 64 Bit: The OS is based upon a 64Bit processing architecture so it handles far more RAM and processes large amount of data faster making multi-tasking quicker.
#7) Windows Snap: Sounds like another speed enhancement? Well, Snap allows users to push document windows (or any window) into the edge of the screen and the windows will act accordingly. Left and Right splits the windows equally. UP maximizes the window, etc. It’s a snappier way to manage your windows.

As mentioned, you can expect to see Windows 7 hit the retail shelves around 10.22.09! Be sure to ask your C3 engineer for more info!

Until next time,

Martin Grunburg
[email protected]
The Internet is BIG…
Google Alerts is SMART!

Whether it’s filtering news, keeping an eye on your industry or even a competitor or, preserving intellectual property this FREE service is a must!

Are you a business owner not using Google alerts?

Eight reasons to use Google Alerts (besides being Free)

1) It’s customizable. Alert periods can be “as it happens”, daily or weekly.
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5) Monitor your competition. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Lao Tzu By setting up alerts, you’ll know when your competition is making any move
6) Help Protect IP. If you have a registration or trademark this is a terrific way to monitor. There are monitoring services that charge hundreds of dollars a year for this
7) Stay industry smart! Keep tabs on your industry and pickup on latest trends.
8) Specify the type of data. Are you looking for “news” updates “Blog”, “Video” or comprehensive. You specify the type of data you want in your alerts.

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“Money grows on the tree of persistence.”
~ Japanese Proverb

“A failure is a man who has blundered yet hasn’t found a way to cash in on the experience.”

~ Elbert Hubbard

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