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The “Client-Server”eLetter March 2009

C3 Networx Celebrates 15 Years

“It’s not the strongest nor the smartest that survive, it’s the most adaptable”

~ Charles Darwin

We’ve recently celebrated our 15th year in business and the milestone event has allowed us to reflect on our many successes, challenges, opportunities and lessons over the years. As the great Coach John Wooden likes to say, “When you are through learning – you are through.” So, it’s remains our commitment to you, that in order to maintain relevancy and value, we must continue to learn, adapt and grow. Having said that, this provides me a brief opportunity to share our evolution over those fun-filled fifteen years.

Many of our newer clients may not be aware that we originally began as two companies; Home2Office Computing Solutions, Inc. and Kreative Kids Computer Camp. Unfortunately, and out of necessity, Kreative Kids was shelved after only a couple years. The move allowed us to focus exclusively on IT consulting services.

Personally, Kreative Kids may have been the most rewarding experience I’ve ever known. Teaching kids cutting edge technology in a fun, project-based environment was a blast! It wasn’t only the students who had a good time. Recently, a former “Kreative Kid” now a graduate of Texas A&M, reached out to say hello via Facebook and thanked us for the skills we taught him – many which he still uses today!

Back to C3 Networx:  Our focus on consulting paid dividends and we grew our company over the years. Along the way we were fortunate enough to be recognized by the BBB with a couple Torch awards for marketplace ethics.

Today, the former Home2Office has now become C3 Networx. C3 Networx has two main divisions; Commercial Business and Government Services and, Home2Office (the former name and brand) now represents a new business entity focused exclusively on providing a “Managed Telecommute” within a rapidly expanding telecommuting marketplace.

With the convergence of voice and data, C3 Networx has introduced a powerful and cost effective VoIP technology as part of our solution offering. We’ve established and enriched our dedicated remote services and Helpdesk offering. We’ve even integrated cutting edge monitoring and performance analytics to remotely gather network status.

Over these fifteen years the one constant has been our dedication and commitment to client satisfaction. It’s rewarding to know that, in a very challenging and ever-changing tech industry, we’ve maintained so many client relationships -many over ten years.

Finally, I’d like to thank YOU. Our entire team is grateful for your continued confidence. We appreciate and value the opportunity to serve your quality organization.


Martin Grunburg
[email protected]

BTW: Speaking of adapting. Would you like to rank higher on Google? We are currently BETA testing some SEO (search engine optimization) web marketing strategies for businesses with very good results. If you’d like to participate this is limited to 5 clients. The cost is approximately $495* and we guarantee improvement in your current search results within the first 45 days. Please email me at the above address. Title the email “SEO Beta Program”
*There may be additional, non C3 domain or hosting fees which could apply


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Volume 15, Issue 2
Meet Smart, Work Smart
FTC -New Rules to fight Identity Theft
C3 Client Spotlight


“The highest form of man is he who can adapt to change.”
~ Lao Tzu

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.”

~ Robert C. Gallagher

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Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

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2009 Client Satisfaction Survey!
Save Money, Smart Meetings with Home2Office®!


Yes, due to growing number of inquiries we’re sharing the same article. (fyi)
If you’re like most companies, you have regularly scheduled meetings with your team. That’s both the good news and the bad news. If there were a way to reduce the number of face-to-face meetings while enhancing the effectiveness of your staff chances are, you’d want to know more about it.

Welcome to ManageH2O from Home2Office. C3 Networx is the exclusive partner, reseller and VAR distributor of Home2Office’s new, remote-office, portal solution. Benefits include:  standardized collaborative and connection tools, audio/video support/sharing, social networking, carbon offset reporting*, the ability to utilize less office space and, of course, happier, more productive employees, just to name a few.

If you don’t think telecommuting is ready to help you reduce your business’ operating costs, click here to see what two highly regarded authors, PhDs, consultants and recognized experts in distributed workforce management have to say in their recent newsletter. They are urging their clientele — including government agencies — to seize the opportunity and start reducing operating costs by UP TO 40%.

These thought-leaders have recently joined forces with Home2Office and believe our ManageH2O solution is rich with capabilities that businesses typically pay way too much for, whether it is ad-hoc  products, like Webex, GoTo Meeting; GoTo My PC or various disparate collaboration tools. Home2Office sought to integrate the very best remote-meeting tools and portal solutions, all within a standardized Web portal, providing clients a secure and affordable way to distribute their workforce while improving their internal communications and collaboration!

For as little as $19.99 per user/per month, Home2Office has combined features that typically cost our clients 10 times that amount. And, with each new version, we’re adding even more features. (*carbon offset reporting under development).

Visit for more information.
Note: Example pricing below for a typical 30-employee company.

Home2Office’s® ManageH2O Ad-Hoc Solutions
$19.99/month per user (All Inclusive)                     Webex                 $69/Month/user
Features/Benefits                                     GoTo Meeting      $49/month/user
Remote Meetings                                             Communications Server
Presentation/WhiteBoard                                                         $699/Server
Communicator                                                 Sharepoint             $97/user
Chat/Unified Messaging                                                          $8,213/Server
Virtual Teams                                                  No Virtual Teams
Mgmt Oversight & Reporting                             No Mgmt Oversight, or Reporting
Doc Mgmt
Social Network/Portal                                     No Social Network component
Company Announcements/Video
Company Announcements / Video
Traffic, Mileage, Cabon Offset Capture               No Carbon

Per User Monthly Cost= $19.99 Per User Monthly Cost = $205.00
Excludes one time setup fee. Approx $2,000                          Excludes all server costs and labor/setup fees
Fee varies based upon client network and # of users                       Estimated at $5,999

FTC’s Red Flags Rules Explained by
Identity Theft 911 and FTC

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Beginning May 1, 11 million U.S. businesses that offer payment plans – including car dealers, medical offices and banks that issue credit cards – will have to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Red Flags Rules, which aim to curb identity theft. Identity Theft 911’s new report, with contributions by the FTC, answers the most pertinent questions surrounding Red Flags Rules, including an explanation of the rules, how businesses can comply with them and how they will be enforced.

Client Feature:
Horton, Oberrecht, Kirkpatrick & Martha

HOKM LawFirm

C3 Networx is proud to provide IT support and consulting services to another one of San Diego’s premiere law firms, Horton, Oberrecht, Kirkpatrick & Martha.


Horton, Oberrecht, Kirkpatrick & Martha, APC, is a pure
civil litigation defense firm specializing in jury trials across Southern
California. The firm has tried over 100 cases involving catastrophic
injury, routine auto, trucking, premises liability, and products liability.

The firm also specializes in the defense of construction defect litigation.
The firm’s construction defect department handles cases efficiently
and economically, with good results. Many carriers pick up our tenders
and share with us. The firm can also handle mold and environmental cases.

Horton, Oberrecht, Kirkpatrick & Martha, APC is dedicated
to the efficient, but zealous defense of its clients. With main offices
in San Diego and Orange County, and a satellite office in Riverside,
the firm practices across Southern California, from San Diego to Ventura
County, and Victorville to El Centro.

For more information please visit their website at:

Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime

by Bill Gates Sr. by Broadway Business
Hardcover ~ Release Date: 2009-04-28

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