March 29, 2010

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery




Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

A few quick questions, please.

1) Where is your most recent data backup?
2) when was the last time you verified your most critical backup is in fact backed up by performing a test restore?
3) Do you keep an archive off site?
4) How frequently are your off site archives updated?

It is critical for EVERY business to ensure their data is safe. NO DATA – NO BUSINESS, seriously it’s that simple and we take data protection very seriously. When you have a dependable data backup solution and disaster recovery solution you ensure the livelihood of your company.

Know this, it’s not IF something will go wrong (server failure, power failure, theft, disaster) but WHEN. At some point, your data will be lost. All hard drives have a life expectancy and you can count on power outages, part defects etc. The best defense against data lose is a proactive data protection plan.

Your data is what keeps your company running — protect it with a cost effective solution from C3 Networx.

We offer a variety of data backup solutions and disaster recovery plans for all platforms and operating systems.

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