CMMC Consultants and Compliance in San Diego, Things Your Business Must Know

The internet, the dark web, and cyberspace are breeding grounds for serious threats to your business data.

To make matters worse, the threat to companies that interact with public institutions is much higher. Thus, it’s no surprise that the Department of Defense (DoD) has instituted some new safety standards and practices relative to cybersecurity and data protection.

By introducing a new uniform solution, the Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) the DoD intends to regulate and standardize the flow of sensitive information.

This article helps to explain the CMMC structure and compliance requirements and how firms can meet these requirements going forward.

What is CMMC? 

Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a framework developed by the (DoD) Department of Defense to shield the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) through standardizing cybersecurity practices. Although some regulations already exist, their compliance could be better and need to be substantiated by CMMC. There are different levels of sensitive information that third parties hold, so the CMMC also has five corresponding levels of CMMC compliance throughout San Diego and beyond.

Benefits of Hiring a CMMC Consultant 

Expedite and simplify the process to become compliant.

Simply understanding CMMC compliance in San Diego or any other city is no easy task. Some companies are able to implement Level 1 measures on their own. However, as requirements increase, complexity does, too, making the process overwhelming for many businesses.

Fortress Networx is one of the first CMMC consultants in San Diego and works directly with its clients in a step-by-step fashion to meet the complex requirements of CMMC.

Fortress can assess your current level of security controls and helps you to identify any gaps to become certified.

As one of the original CMMC consultants in San Diego, we work side by side with your in-house IT team, and/or we can provide the service as an outsourced provider.

Ongoing, Enduring CMMC Compliance

The Department of Defense (DoD) cyber security standards are always evolving!

Fortress knows how to establish essential, base security protocols that ensure quick adaptation. Further, we implement standards that incorporate security structures that will evolve as new requirements emerge.

Our Fortress CMMC specialist will review your various CMMC compliance requirements and options.

Save Valuable Time!

Time is precious. Your organization can save a tremendous amount of time by hiring a CMMC consultant who understands the requirements. Fortress is ready to assist with the most efficient tools, technologies, and practices to ensure that you aren’t paying too much or trying to reinvent the wheel.

What to Look for in a CMMC Consultant? 

Below are a few helpful traits when searching for CMMC consultants in San Diego. 


CMMC compliance is a new endeavor, so finding consultants with years of experience in it is impossible. However, you can look for experienced players who have done considerable work in other security control assignments and IT assessments. Try to find consultants with NIST 800-171 and 800-53 or FedRAMP experience because they’re relevant to CMMC compliance.


The DoD contracts take work, given the competitive environment in which they’re awarded. Hence, find a transparent consultant about their competence, conflict of interest, shortcomings, and pricing. On the other hand, organizations should also be transparent with the contractors about their motivations, targets, and budget.


Pricing consultancy services is tricky and involves a handful of variables, such as; total project requirements, time frame, connected vendors and software, hardware, etc. Quotes for these services are likely to vary so get at least three. Be suspect of any estimate that is too low or too high. Regardless of your requirements, a budget will be helpful.

Experienced CCMC Consultants are Difficult to Find

Trustworthiness, experience and professionalism are just a few essential traits to seek in a CMMC consultant – someone who knows cyber security education protocol backwards and forwards.

The good news is Fortress Networx, San Diego’s premier IT solutions provider, has been serving San Diego since 1994 and has helped businesses secure and maximize their tech budget and capabilities to achieve their most important business goals. 

Fortress is committed to offering its proven security services and CMMC compliance services to businesses that deal with the Department of Defense.

Rest assured, Fortress Networx provides the experience and price competitive qualities that should make us an easy and first choice among CMMC consultants in San Diego.

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