January 27, 2010

Philosophy – All – S.T.A.R. Performance!

rock solid foundation

Service: We are here to serve: to solve your biggest IT challenges and add tremendous value to your organization.

Trust: Our valued clients tend to look for vendors whom they can TRUST and foster a long-term relationship with. And 16+ years later – we must be doing something right. We’ve grown almost EXCLUSIVELY through word of mouth. We have had no need for dedicated sales representatives; our clients are happy and continue to share their experiences with their colleagues. Along the way, we’ve also pocketed a couple highly coveted service excellence and marketplace ethics awards including the Better Business Bureau Torch Award – TWICE!

Align: Our mission has always been to align with our clients — to share their vision and assist in sculpting a technology solution we can both take great pride in. C3 Networx prefers to think of its clients as business partners who believe in the benefit of long-term relationships.

Relationships: While most IT companies operate on a “transactional level” when doing business, focusing solely on any particular sale, we appreciate and value the relationship behind the transaction. We take time to understand the unique dynamics that exist with each new client. And, we believe our 16 years in business proves this approach works and likely explains why we have so many clients with us for over ten years. In the world of IT — where change is the norm and dissatisfaction runs rampant — we believe this speaks volumes.


Question:  Why go through the hassle of competing against San Diego’s very best Service companies for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics?

Answer: Good Question. Since it is a very rigorous and demanding entry process. However, since we see so many IT firms boasting about their high levels service — we figured it made a lot more sense to put our track record where our mouth was.

By entering the regions highest services challenge and, winning (twice)*, we believe we demonstrate a very real and proven commitment to outstanding levels of customer service over a significant period of time!

*Honor and award provided to us as “Home2Office Computing Solutions, Inc.” Torch Award Victories include: 2003, 2006